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10 Benefits of Cold-Pressed Baby Food

What’s the difference between cold-pressed baby food and shelf-stable baby food? Well, just about everything. From our farm fresh ingredients to our cold-pressed process, our baby food is as close to homemade as it gets (without all the hassle!). Once upon a time baby food came straight from the source. Today is still does.

So, what makes us different?


All of our whole fruits and vegetables and healthy fats are certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified. We only partner with certified organic farms and pick our produce at the peak of the season! 80% of our fresh organic ingredients come from local farms in California, 10% from the Western region of the US and 10% from farms abroad that continue to meet our rigorous standards. Unlike shelf-stable brands, we never use any pre-processed purees, preservatives or juice concentrates.


Our unique and well-rounded recipes can’t be found anywhere else! Each recipe has been formulated, tested, and approved by moms, an expert infant nutritionist and a board-certified pediatrician, as well as countless little ones. We also include healthy fats for stable energy levels, nutrient absorption and optimal brain development in all 7+, 9+ and 18+ month blends whereas most shelf-stable blends are completely void of healthy fats.


We use High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) to cold press our blends. Once our blends are packaged and sealed, HPP or “cold-pressure” applies water pressure equivalent to 5x the pressure at the deepest part of the ocean! This process destroys any potential food borne bacteria, maintains essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes and ensures the taste, texture, color and nutrient content of the ingredients doesn’t change all while extending shelf life so we can get farm fresh blends to retailers near you. Shelf-stable brands use high heat or thermal pasteurization. While this process also keeps food safe from harmful food-borne bacteria, it completely destroys the flavor, texture, nutritional value and color of fresh food. By thoroughly over-cooking the ingredients multiple times, heat pasteurization does a disservice to the food, and to the people eating it. 


Our food is as close to homemade as you can get! Our cold-pressure process keeps the nutrient content of each fruit and vegetable intact, so it’s just like eating farm fresh produce. In fact, studies show that certain HPP foods may actually contain more nutrients than fresh food as HPP has been shown to affect the bioavailability of certain nutrients. (1) Shelf-stable brands heat products to extremely high temperatures (often 2 times, above 185 degrees), killing off vital nutrients, enzymes, and healthy bacteria that are critical for healthy growth and development. The result is a jam like substance that has been condensed down into simple sugars.


You shouldn’t be afraid to eat what your baby eats. Babies deserve real food too! Our blends taste exactly like the whole fruits, veggies and healthy fats used to make them with nothing added, subtracted or distorted. In blind taste tests of Magic Velvet Mango versus a fresh blended mango, tasters can’t tell the difference! Our blends are like superfood smoothies in a convenient pouch. We snack on them all the time in the office for a quick snack or pick-me-up and we can guarantee that once you try them you’ll be hooked too! The taste of shelf-stable brands simply doesn’t compare. 


The truth is in the color (and the texture!). The best test for this is to cut open a fresh mango and compare it to our Magic Velvet Mango. The color and texture is identical because we use one ingredient and one ingredient only - fresh mango! Shelf-stable mango options have a thin consistency similar to soup and do not taste at all like a fresh picked mango.


From farm to family, we keep our blends cold. After all, fresh food is perishable and isn’t meant to sit on a shelf for months or years! Due to the high heat process and additives and preservatives in shelf-stable options, those blends can sit on the shelf for up to two years which in some cases is older than the baby eating them.


We were the first pouched baby food to use transparent packaging. All of our baby food blends include a clear window on the front so you can see the color and texture of the ingredients inside. All of our applesauces have a clear back panel as well. No guessing what your baby’s food looks like! Also, unlike some shelf-stable brands, our pouches are recyclable through terracycle and far more eco-friendly than containers and jars.


Baby food isn’t just for babies anymore. Our baby food blends and applesauces are delicious for older kids and adults as well! If you can sneak some, they’re perfect as a topper for yogurt or oatmeal, as the base of a smoothie bowl (or smoothie ingredient) and even on top of ice cream! Here are some other healthy recipes. Sure, shelf-stable options could also be used as ingredients or snacks, but we’ve tried them and we prefer the farm fresh alternative ;) Let us know what you think!



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