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Keeping our Planet Green with Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Packaging

Here at Once Upon a Farm, we’re committed to doing all we can to keep our planet green and making it a better place to live for our little ones (and their little ones and their little ones…). We’re continuously innovating and improving to provide the most eco-friendly packaging possible and to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can. We take our food safety and quality seriously, seeking out materials that are both eco-friendly and that also preserve the safety, integrity and quality of our products.

But it’s not only the materials we use. Our pouches are more eco-friendly than plastic containers and jars for many other reasons!


  • First, we need to consider storage. Our pouches take up WAY less storage space than rigid plastic containers or glass jars. How much exactly? Well, 364,000 pouches fill 1 truck (or 26 pallets) whereas 364,000 containers or jars would fill 9 trucks (or 234 pallets). Whoa.
  • Next? Transportation. That one truck would use 250 gallons of fuel (4mpg on a 1,000 mile trip) and 52 forklift trips. Multiply that by nine trucks for jars and containers, and we’re up to 2,250 gallons of fuel (9x the greenhouse gasses!) and 468 forklift trips.


  • Our pouches have a longer life-cycle! Our materials can be up-cycled whereas jar or container materials either cannot be recycled or can only be recycled once before they end up in a landfill.
  • We ship all of our pouches with ice packs to keep them cold until they reach your doorstep. Simply re-freeze them to use for other occasions like when it comes time to travel with Once Upon a Farm! If you plan to have the pouches out of refrigeration for more than 4 hours, just toss them in a cooler bag with one of these ice packs and hit the road! You can also donate ice packs to local charitable organizations!


  • Our BPA, free pouches use 40% less plastic and they’re also recyclable via TerraCycle! To request your recycling envelope, please click here to complete the order form and help us go green! Your envelope will be shipped within the next 1-2 weeks. Once received, simply fill it up with Once Upon a Farm food pouches and send it back to TerraCycle with the prepaid shipping label that comes with it. 
  • Our shipping boxes are made from cardboard and the materials used to create them are fully recyclable. Just toss them in your curbside recycling bin or bring them to your local recycling facility!
  • To recycle our ice packs, simply cut the corner of the pack, drain the non-toxic gel into the garbage, then rinse out the bag and recycle it wherever #4 plastic film is accepted.

Our packaging and services are designed with efficiency in mind. Skip the trip to the grocery store and give your baby food fresh from farm to highchair shipped direct to your doorstep (on shared trucks for efficiency!). Since our boxes never travel by themselves, this minimizes resources and fuel, and reduces our overall carbon footprint, leaving the earth a little bit better for generations to come.