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What Makes Our Fresh Baby Food Different from Shelf-Stable Baby Food?

What makes our fresh baby food different from shelf-stable baby food?

Shelf-Stable baby food is heated to extremely high temperatures (often 2 times, above 185 degrees), killing off vital nutrients, enzymes, and healthy bacteria that are critical for healthy growth and development. Oftentimes pre-processed purees (even the organic ones), are imported from overseas and have already been pre-cooked.

Once the puree arrives in the facility, the manufacturer will mix the purees and cook the blend again inside plastic or aluminum packaging. The result is basically a jam that has been condensed down into simple sugars. Research has shown these sugary baby foods are causing a sweet tooth later on.

Shelf stable baby food often contains concentrates, preservatives, juices and/or fillers, resulting in a food that is even further away from its source. At Once Upon a Farm, we do things differently. We use High-Pressure Pascalization (HPP), which uses pressure instead of heat to kill off any potentially harmful ingredients. This process also allows us to maintain a higher vitamin and mineral content than any shelf stable baby food on the market.

We do not use any pre-processed purees, juices, concentrates or fillers. We only use whole ingredients that have mainly been sourced from local farms here in the USA. No one can deny the look, taste, and smell of fresh versus processed food.

Check out this video to see the difference!