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What's in Season for Fall

We know fresh is best which is why we pick our produce at the peak of the season and cold-press it to perfection for your little ones.

An apple a day is our motto this fall! Check out our complete guide to what’s in season so you can pick the freshest produce from A to Z for your family!

Apples are harvested in late summer through the fall. Head on out with the fam for an apple picking adventure or shop Once Upon a Farm Applesauce for All Ages for fresh, cold-pressed and convenient applesauce pouches on the go. 

Beets are in season during the fall and spring depending on the climate of the area. Fresh beets are often sold with greens still attached. We mix our organic beets with organic: apple, carrot, ginger and flax seeds in our OhMyMega Veggie! blend for dynamic flavor and brain-building omega 3!

Carrots are one of our favorite root veggies. They’re harvested year-round in temperate areas, but certain varieties are harvested during their natural season (late summer and fall). We incorporate carrot into our Carrot-y Coconut-y Quinoa blend where glossy coconut milk meets nutty quinoa, sprouted for quick digestion and more accessible protein and fiber.


Eggplant is in season during summer and fall. We’re used to their deep purple color, but they can also come in white, yellow, green, orange and lavender! We love using eggplant as an ingredient in healthy dinners or crispy baked eggplant rounds as a quick snack!

Figs are for fall! Well, actually the first harvest comes in the summer and they have a short second season in late fall. Thankfully, right in time for Thanksgiving recipes!

Kale is grown best in cooler weather and is our main ingredient in one of our best sellers, Green Kale & Apples! Vitamin C aids absorption of iron from the veg, while a punch of protein and key amino acids crowd into tiny hemp seeds, keeping energy even and cells on the grow. 

Mushrooms can have different seasons, but most are in season in summer and fall. We love incorporating their earthy flavor into fall dishes!

Pears are in season mid-summer into winter. We use straight pear – nothing added, subtracted or distorted – in our Stage 1 Fairest of Pears blend. A flawless first food, this fruit is filled with fiber and vitamin C, easy on tender tummies and sure to strengthen little bodies' defenses.

Sweet potatoes are another favorite root veggie of ours! We blend this with organic: apple, blueberry and extra virgin unrefined coconut oil in one of our best sellers, Mama Bear Blueberry

Zucchini is harvested most often during summer and fall. Combine this veggie with our other favorite, eggplant, and some tomatoes for a delicious dish!

From A to Z, remember fresh is best. Save or screen shot this handy Fall Produce Guide and remember to review it before your next farmer’s market adventure!