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What's in Season this Winter

Fresh is best which is why we pick our produce at the peak of the season and cold-press it to perfection for your little ones.

From Clementines to Kale and Tangerines to Turnips, here’s a list of what’s in season this winter so you can pick the freshest produce for your fam on your next trip to the farmers market or supermarket!

  • Brussels Sprouts: We love them roasted with a bit of salt and pepper (like in this quick & easy recipe).
  • Buttercup Squash: Similar to butternut, but a bit sweeter!
  • Clementines: A boost of vitamin C can only help fight off those pesky flu germs ;)
  • Dates: Use these sweet little sugar substitutes when you bake to avoid added sugar!
  • Grapefruit: Fresh as a salad topper or broiled in the oven, up your grapefruit game this winter with farm fresh citrus.
  • Kale: Getting little ones to eat kale can be tough, but Green Kale & Apples will have them gobbling up greens in no time with a touch of apple and banana.
  • Leeks: Avoid yellow or withered tops when picking these. Firm stalks with as much white and light green possible is best!
  • Pear: Choose firm pears when picking them. Then when ready to eat, press on the stem slightly and when the stem yields to the pressure, you’ll know it’s ripe and ready!
  • Pummelo: What’s that, you ask? They’re the largest member of the citrus family and taste similar to a grapefruit.
  • Red Banana: It’s hard to find, but if you find it, try it! The red banana has more beta carotene than our yellow Cavendish bananas and has a unique sweet taste as well.
  • Sharon Fruit: New to this one too? It’s similar to our friend Persimmon, only seedless!
  • Sweet Potato: Introducing veggies early on is important and a mild sweetness in this rustic root veggie helps you do just that. We blend lightly steamed sweet potato with a touch of cold-pressed lemon in our new So Sweet Potato blend!
  • Turnips: They come in all colors (including black!). If you’re looking for sweet, stick to small and medium sizes.

    From A to Z (B to T in this case!), remember fresh is best. Save or screen shot this handy Winter Produce Guide and remember to review it before your next farmers market or grocery shopping adventure!