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Eco Friendly Packaging

Love Our planet

Once Upon a Farm is committed to continuously innovating and improving to provide the most eco-friendly packaging possible, reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can. We take our food safety and quality seriously, seeking out materials that are both eco-friendly and that also preserve the safety, integrity and quality of our products.

Our packaging and services are designed with efficiency in mind. You get to skip a trip to the grocery store, and your baby food gets delivered on shared trucks direct to your doorstep. Since our boxes never travel by themselves, this minimizes resources and fuel, and reduces our overall carbon footprint, leaving the earth a little bit better for generations to come.

Learn All About Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

* The following materials are the ones most commonly used with Once Upon a Farm; occasionally different packaging materials may be used*

The availability of recylcling and composting facilities for different materials depends on where you live.

Eco-friendly Pouches
BPA, PVC, & BPS free

What is it made of?


How do I recycle it? It's easy!

Participating in this program is free and easy. To request your recycling envelope for Once Upon a Farm food pouches, please click here to complete the order form. Your envelope will be shipped within the next 1-2 weeks. Once received, simply fill it up with Once Upon a Farm food pouches and send it back to TerraCycle with the prepaid shipping label that comes with it.

Shipping and display boxes

What is it made of?


How do I recycle it?

Toss it in your curbside recycling bin or bring to your local recycling facility

Ice packs

What is it made of? 

Our ice packs are filled with soluble, non-toxic gel. The outer layer is made of #4 plastic film.

How Can I Reuse or Recycle Them?

Simply re-freeze them to use for other occasions or store them at room temperature for later use. You can also donate them to local charitable organizations. To recycle, simply cut the corner of the pack, drain the non-toxic gel into the garbage, then rinse out the bag and recycle it wherever #4 plastic film is accepted.