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FAQ Section

  • Why is Once Upon a Farm the best choice for my little ones?

    We believe in feeding fresh which is why we keep our blends as close to the farm as it gets. We use Cold-Pressure (HPP) to cold-press our blends. This process applies pressure rather than heat to maintain the essential vitamins, nutrients and enzymes (plus, taste, color and texture!) of farm fresh produce, while extending shelf life so we have a little extra time to get our blends from our farms to your family. Shelf-stable baby food, on the other hand, is high heat pasteurized which affects the nutrient content, taste, color and texture and allows it to sit on the shelf at room temperature for years. Here's a quick video to learn more!

  • How does your subscription program work?

    Getting organic, cold-pressed baby food delivered directly to your doorstep has never been easier! We offer a flexible subscription program that allows you to get homemade quality baby food (without all the hassle) on a schedule of your choosing. Simply set it and forget it! There are no commitments and you can cancel and change your flavors or delivery frequency at any time. By signing up for a subscription, you’ll also save 17% off our regular 8-pack prices, get FREE shipping for every delivery, and receive monthly surprises!

  • What does “organic” mean?

    Organic food is produced without using pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic ingredients, bioengineering or ionizing radiation. Before a food can be truly “certified organic”, a government-approved certifier must inspect the farm where the food is grown to ensure the farmer is following all rules necessary to meet USDA organic standards.

  • Why is organic baby food so important?

    Organic food is grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Some parents prefer organic food to limit exposure to these residues, while others prefer organic food because it's environmentally friendly or think it tastes better. Our mission is to nurture our children, each other, and the earth in order to pass along a healthier and happier world for the next generation and, to us, that means sourcing only certified organic ingredients. We also think it tastes better ;) 

  • Where can I buy Once Upon a Farm baby food?

    You can find Once Upon a Farm baby food in the refrigerated section (usually in the dairy section or in the baby food section in refrigerators) at natural food stores around the USA (find your local store here, or have it delivered on your own schedule by subscribing to regular shipments here. Free shipping on all subscriptions!

  • Are your baby blends Non-GMO?

    By law, anything that is certified organic cannot contain genetically modified ingredients. However, to give further peace of mind around the ones we love most, we are Non-GMO Project Verified.

  • How do I heat up the pouches?

    To warm up your food, place the pouch in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Always test the food to make sure it is temperature appropriate before feeding it to your baby. Our pouches are not microwavable. We do not recommend that you microwave your food as this may create new compounds that our bodies cannot recognize.

  • Can I reheat unused portions of my food?

    Our food is best served at temperatures below 118 degrees. This ensures that vital enzymes and nutrients are kept intact, giving your baby the maximum amount of nutrition available in the food. However, you can always reheat it by placing it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Always test the temperature before giving it to your baby. Do not reheat your baby food more than once and do not refreeze unused portions that have already been defrosted.

  • Can I take my pouches on the go?

    Yes, absolutely! Our cold-pressed meals are easy to take on-the-go. They can be left out of the fridge for 4 hours. If traveling for longer than that, the pouches can be carried with an ice pack, or they can be frozen and then thawed thoroughly before eating. If frozen and put in lunches, they can also help keep other food cold. They also taste great as a slushy! To take through TSA, simply designate them as baby food and put them in a separate bin. Learn more on our blog.

  • Can adults eat Once Upon a Farm fruit & veggie blends?

    Yes! And we highly recommend it. Any unused portions (or full portions if you prefer) may be consumed by adults. You will be giving yourself superfoods that may increase your overall vitality. Enjoy straight out of the pouch, put fresh or frozen portions into smoothies, mix it into yogurt or oatmeal, or use it as a topper on ice cream! The possibilities are endless.

  • Can you recycle Once Upon a Farm packaging?

    Our pouches are recyclable via TerraCycle! Participating in our recycling program is free and easy. To request your recycling envelope for Once Upon a Farm food pouches, please click here to complete the order form. Your envelope will be shipped within the next 1-2 weeks. Once received, simply fill it up with Once Upon a Farm food pouches and send it back to TerraCycle with the prepaid shipping label that comes with it.

  • Should I spoon feed my baby or feed them directly from the pouch?

    The great thing about a pouch is that it allows flexibility and convenience while also being eco-friendly. We recommend spoon feeding your little one in the early months. Just pour some into a bowl or directly onto a spoon. Once they get older and can self-feed, they can eat directly from the pouch.

  • How do I introduce solid food to my baby?

    Always consult your baby’s pediatrician before introducing your baby to new foods, as they may have additional tips and information. Below are some helpful suggestions:

    • Add breast milk or formula to the puree

    • Warm the food by immersing squeeze packs in warm water for a few minutes. Just make sure to test the temperature before feeding it to your baby.

    • Have your baby sit on your lap or buckle him or her in their highchair.

    • Make feeding fun! Put a small amount of food on an infant spoon and hold it about 10 inches away from his/her mouth. Try making silly and exciting sounds as you approach your baby’s mouth with the spoon. If your baby refuses to open his or her mouth, do not force it. If your baby doesn’t like the spoon, try offering some food off your finger first.

    • Go with your baby’s cues. Feed your baby as slow or fast as they like. They may only want a couple spoonfuls the first time around but the next time you may have a different experience.

    • Stop feeding your baby when he or she turns their head away, closes their mouth tight, or starts to cry.

    • Don’t give up if your baby doesn’t like the food the first time around. It may take several tries before your baby is ready to experiment. Adults can eat any unused portions!

  • How much food should my little one eat each day?

    Always check with your baby’s pediatrician if you have any concerns about how much your baby is eating. For the most part babies should eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. Some babies will eat more than others. Some days your baby will eat more and other days less. Trust your baby’s signals.

  • What should I do if my baby won’t eat the food?

    If your baby has been used to shelf stable squeeze pouches, it can take some time to make  the transition to a less sweet tasting, and more textured blend. Sugar can be addicting and raises serotonin and dopamine quickly in the brain so it can take some time to transition to a healthier, less sweet option.

    Use the following tips to have them eating Farm Fresh Food from Once Upon a Farm in no time:

    •Start by mixing in our food with some shelf stable pouches. Day 1 and 2: Mix ¼ our pouch with ¾ shelf stable. Day 3 & 4: Mix ½ our pouch with ½ shelf stable. Day 5 & 6: Mix ¾ our pouch with ¼ shelf stable Day 7: Completely switch out shelf stable pouches for Once Upon A Farm.

    • Warm up a pouch for 3 minutes in a bowl of warm water. Some babies do not like the food cold. Always test the temperature before serving. You can warm a smaller portion of food by pouring the desired amount into a bowl, then placing that bowl into a slightly larger bowl of warm water.

    • Try for multiple days and different times of day to give them each flavor. Just because they won’t eat it the first, second, or even third time, it doesn’t mean they won’t like it the 4th! We tend to give up easily if they won’t eat it right away, thinking they don’t like it.

    • Make food fun. Make fun sounds when feeding. Pretend you are an airplane, laugh and use high tones. This can completely transform the eating experience!

    • Try it as a yogurt or oatmeal topper or mix them in with smoothies

    • If all else fails, these are amazingly healthy and yummy snacks for us adults too! We eat them all the time over here. It’s a great way to easily get fresh fruits andveggies, with some added superfoods.

  • Do you test for lead?

    We have tested our products for lead in the past and they have come out negative. We will be doing periodic testing of our products for lead going forward.

  • My little one has food allergies. Do you use any allergens in your products?

    We do not use any allergens in our kitchen except for coconut. Coconut is actually a fruit but deemed by the FDA as a tree nut and some people may have sensitivities. We do make our pouches in a certified organic kitchen that processes cashews and almonds, but products containing those ingredients are made in a completely separate room/area and on totally different equipment. Please feel free to call us or email if you have any other questions.